Thursday, September 17, 2009

New York, New York

So it's been sort of a tradition for me to visit the lovely state of New York in October. When I first visited back in 2005, I believe, it was at the end of October and I had to share the cold cement with snow. I don't remember being all that prepared for it. Even when I lived in New York I never really had a great winter wardrobe. I had a pair of black Payless boots with a pocket on the outside of them big enough for a quarter and a pair of backless Rocket Dog clogs. I also had a really ugly yellow Columbia winter jacket and a scarf that was given to me by my wife. Needless to say, I wasn't much of the fashionista.

After a hiatus of not going to visit or receiving many visits, I randomly booked a flight last October and again made the late-year trip. This time I was prepared. Being in South Florida and not having much to do outside of working, going to school and watching What Not to Wear, I finally had some idea on how to present myself. I excitedly packed my tight-fitting jeans and my long-sleeved shirts and my cute fashion boots looking forward to showing all of my old friends how cute I can look in brisk weather. The problem: it never got cooler than 70°. What the hell is wrong with you, global warming?! That was my time to shine!

Here we are, a year later and again I'm preparing for my October pilgrimage. Is it strange that I'm hoping for cool, crisp weather? I'm bringing my boots, damnit. Don't let me down!


  1. I think I speak for the entire state and it's residents when I say: NEW YORK IS SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU. xoxo

  2. And I think I speak for all of Florida's residents when I say Florida is so happy to be rid of you. JK.... maybe... (gropes and kisses)