Friday, June 25, 2010

Baby Sitters Club

I now only receive channels 1-28 on my television. I'm absolutely traumatized and I will think of a solution but for now I'm just digging into the vault for DVDs to watch.  Late last night I started with Goodfellas and then moved on to the Baby Sitters Club followed by some Tim Burton gems.  

I hadn't seen BSC (Baby Sitters Club) in many moons, which is why I dusted it off and popped it into the DVD player.  The story seemed a lot different to me this time around then it did when I was a tween watching it.  One word: Disturbing.

First of all, these girls (ages 11 and 13: the 11-year old's being "junior members" of the BSC) were actual business women.  They were 13-years old  providing a service and collecting payment.  Sure it was just baby sitting, but they had office hours, an office phone and a treasurer.  When I was 13, Mary Anne, I wasn't kissing Logan, I was riding horses.  

Furthermore, they were dealing with real-life almost adult-like issues.  Kristy's father came back into her life which she felt was necessary to keep as a secret, Dawn was studying for a ridiculous anatomy test, Stacey was a NYC-obsessed diabetic and they were all bending over backwards for each other. THIRTEEN!

Lastly, (this is the part that really bothered me) Stacey and her foreign boyfriend.  A child she would baby sit for regularly introduced Stacey to her foreign cousin, Luca.  He was 17 and took an instant liking to Stacey, who lied about her age.  She convinced him that she was 16 and they enjoyed their little weekly dates.  Of course he found out she was only 13, freaked out, but then came back (but of course) at the end of the movie to tell her he was suddenly okay with it.  He assured her he would be back to visit next summer when he was 18 to which she replied, "I'll be 14 then!" 
"I know!"  He said with a smile and then sealed it with a kiss.
SEVENTEEN!  THIRTEEN!  Try that again next summer, buddy.  Jail likes bitches. 

What the hell were we watching as kids?!

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