Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hell House Tours

Where's Your Final Destination?
Hell House Tour
Tickets $5 Per Person
October 30 & 31
Tours 7PM-10PM
Cooper City Church of God

I don't like religion at all and this is absolutely absurd. What are they gonna do, re-enact Dante's Inferno? Get lost.


  1. Unfortunately, I DO know what they're gonna do: create an atmosphere with scenes so demonizing, it will screw up the kids for life! These aren't ordinary Halloween venues: a "demon" conducts the tour through each scene: a girl goes to a rave, gets slipped something, then gets gang raped and SHE's the one who goes to hell; a cheerleader suffers through a botched abortion and dies. A gay man dies of AIDS. A DUI teen kills people and REALLY regrets it. And, yeah, a kid who thinks she's a lesbian kills herself.

    Fun, huh?

    Instead of going to these places, people should be boycotting them - or, better yet, protesting. Read the latest on teen suicides:


  2. Great comment, I agree! Thanks for posting it!

  3. We used to have these where I grew up. Some of them would just spring up during Halloween (as an alternative to haunted houses, reenacting what they believed was actual real horrors) but some of them were open more or less throughout the year. The one I experienced was a literal enactment of shit from the Book of Revelations. You know, the plagues hitting people, people being forced to put the mark on their foreheads or get their heads cut off (and all of this enacted as realistically as possible), the rivers of blood etc. The purpose seemed first and foremost to be scaring children into believing in this stuff. I remember seeing little kids - and I do mean little - absolutely terrified out of their minds with these bugfuck crazy parents forcing them to look. I even remember one kid throwing up.

    So yeah, there you go. I don't think I ever saw one in my many years in South Florida, but in North Florida where I grew up they were pretty common.

  4. Do you know if they are doing this again this year? Please please tell me if they are and where I can find it. I'm also not religious, but I want to report this to the secular website I write for.