Monday, November 30, 2009

"Fragile! Must be Italian."

Is it wrong to just forget about shopping for Christmas/Hanukkah and just buy yourself what you want?  I think that would be a lot easier and logical instead of receiving yet another pair of slippers you'll never wear or a duster (thanks, mom).  I'm a poser, anyway.  I only like the holiday for the spirit, which brings me to my next case:

Behold, exhibit A:

Using other peoples property to make yourself happy.
I'm not buying a tree.  I'm not buying a Hanukkah bush.  I'm not climbing on a ladder and hanging boring blue and white lights - that's where you come in.  You're the one who's going to be keeping these supplies in your attic for the next year.  You buy, I'll play.

Exhibit B:

Using other peoples property to make yourself happy.
Yes, same headline, different context.  Sometimes I need a change of scenery.  I'll make that happen in your home that way I don't have to rearrange mine back when we're done.  Win/win.

This year was fun.  Mike and I have a mini-tradition where we hang our respective Florida stockings and call it a day, but this year he felt like he wanted to splurge and get a tree.  Win!  Mike did most of the dirty work when he traveled to approximately 4 different Home Depots, bought his faux tree and his desired white tree lights and some how packed it in/on the Accord.  I'm assuming it wasn't that difficult being it probably came in a box. 

I saw the bat signal Saturday night.  "Do you want to come with me to Wal-Mart and get some decorations for the tree?"  Abso-friggen-lutely, right after a Starbuck's pitstop.  After running over some palm tree leaves and almost falling up Mike's stairs (twice), we departed for the ever-so-yuppie WalMart off of Three Islands Boulevard.  We purchased shatter-proof ornaments which proved their durability a few times throughout the evening, picked out a pretty sweet star that lights up and one strand of white snowflake garland.  After driving around Hollywood Circle at least 4 times, we found a parking spot and walked over to Pizza Rustica which was quite delicious, then made our way back to casa de Mike so that he could supervise me while I decorated his tree.

Zero beers and 25 minutes later, she was finished.  Then another 25 minutes and an extension cord later, Mike got the star working.  I'm pretty pleased, overall.  I know nothing of decorating and Mike found pizza and football.

Maybe Pleo will fit under it?

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