Monday, February 15, 2010

Ellen DeGeneres Has it Right

Along with my short blog about dating younger men, this one, too, is going to seem juvenile.  Maybe it's because my hormones are raging due to Mother Nature saying hello, or maybe it has a little something to do with not having any form of sexual contact with a man since early July of last year (maybe), but I digress. 

Since Comcast decided to butt-bang everyone with no lube and I only get channels 1 through 20, my TiVo has pretty much gone to waste.  There's the occasional House M.D., LOST even though I've given up on it seasons ago, COPS, AMW, The Steve Wilkos Show (and proudly), and now: Ellen DeGeneres.  I've always thought she was hilarious, why not record her show so I can get the giggles when there's nothing else on? 

So, in my few days of recording her show I've noticed that she always has the most current, hottest stars as guests and boy does she own them.  Everyone loves The Ellen.  I've also noticed that every time a hunky actor or musician or athlete comes out for their interview Ellen gets a nice little peck on the lips.  This is regardless of marital status (Drew Brees, Eric Dane, Michael Buble').  Being that she's a married lesbian, these hunky piece of hiney's wives couldn't possibly care, right? 
"*KISS* Hi Ellen, the wife says hello *ASS SMACK*"
 I think you see where I'm going with this.  Pretend you're a lesbian so you can kiss any farking man you want and not get in trouble.  Sign me up.

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