Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Night

Do the Republicans who are rambling on about how Obama's doing nothing and no "Change" is happening really expect things to happen over night?  Granted, I'm not much into politics, nor do I know much about it, but I really don't see how much would be different if McCain were in office right now.  I actually felt so strongly about my opinion that I had to consult with a friend who knows a lot about the subject (he's a dork), and to my surprise, he agreed.  So to you, Mr. Republican (whom I shall not name), shut up and collect your unemployment. 

 What's the deal with the Global Warming situation and all of the other random disasters that are going on?  Some say that Global Warming is all a myth to increase sales in hybrid cars, blah, blah.  I also had a conversation with that same friend regarding his thoughts on this.  He said that the evidence of the warming is here.  He visited Alaska recently and they have markers by one of the glaciers on where the water was when they first started documenting and where it is now.  Over the past hundred years or so, it's decreased pretty drastically, but more so in the last few years particularly.  I also asked if it could have something to do with other things, like how we've been having very traumatic natural disasters. Katrina, the tsunami, the earthquake.  We've always had these things happening, but never like how they're happening lately. What's that all about?  His opinion was that we have all of this new technology now and no record-keeping systems and of course - more people.  These events are probably the same magnitude as always, but with all of these elements, they seem worse.  I'm still thinking about this one.

It's Friday. Ghost hunting shows are on the Travel channel and I absolutely love them all.  I may have written my thoughts on this when I first started the blog last year, but I'll reiterate because again, these are my random thoughts of the night.  Who's to say ghosts and spirits don't exist?  I hate relating it with religion (afterlife), but I believe more in spirits than I do a heaven and a hell.  Kind of contradicting, isn't it?  I don't know, but I will say that I have my own opinions on the idea of a parallel universe and intelligent life on other planets and other universes.  Universii?  Galaxies, whatever.  I even had a dream about it one evening and I will never forget it because I want so badly to believe that I actually visited a parallel universe.  You can laugh, I don't give a hoot.  
I dreamed that I traveled back in time to when my father was in high school, I believe.  I was sitting a few seats in front and diagonal of him and I was even so intrigued in this dream to note how he looked and what he was wearing for possible future reference.  Short hair cut, kind of poofy (sorry pops), same dark complexion, blue button-up shirt, light blue jeans.  I also spotted my uncle across the classroom. My uncle recognized me, but my father didn't.  I guess he noticed my staring because we finally exchanged words and as impulsive as I am, I didn't hesitate - I told him exactly who I was.  Of course he didn't believe me and reassured me that he wouldn't have a daughter, especially at the age he'd be when I would come into the world. No matter what I said, the stubborn 18-year old wouldn't budge. Even my uncle who vouched for me couldn't convince him.  The dialogue between my young father, young uncle and I will forever stay with me.  "You'll see..." I promised him.
My father also has certain beliefs in the same theory, but he is pretty sure that I didn't travel back because he had never shared a class with his brother, who was clearly there with us in the classroom.  To me, that makes no difference.  I don't believe that everything would be exactly the same in a parallel universe, but I'm still working on my theories.  I also believe in psychic abilities even though one of my closer friends is a practicing skeptic.  We only use, what? 10% of our brains?  Maybe those who claim they have gifts can somehow use more.  The possibilities are endless and I get gitty when I think about it.  It's so darn cool!  

Anywho, back to Most Haunted.


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