Thursday, August 27, 2009

Everyone's getting sentimental.

It's amazing how many great friends we make throughout our youth.  There are a few that I've had before my age was in the double-digits that I'll never forget, but unfortnuately, those horrid things called "time" and "age" came into play and ultimately tore us apart. It's par for the course. Everyone grows up and builds their own life that you may or may not fit into the same way, but thanks to such mediums as Facebook, it's still possible to be in the know and for that, I'm grateful.

Then there's that one friend who will always be there no matter the age, no matter the time, no matter the place. The less-annoying Kimmy Gibbler. The perfect combination of all of the friends in Friends. The one person whom you accept unconditionally whether she still likes a whole lot of pink, Hanson, stuffed animals in her bed, or makes wacky decisions regarding tattoos and placement. And you automatically accept everything new in their life, even the unknown, and you're comfortable and at peace with it - including their new "besties."

Allison. Meg. I'm coming for you. XO's!

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