Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who in the hell are you?!

"Allow myself to introduce... myself."

You would think being in one of the most famous party-cities out there that I would be more exhausted from being the social butterfly I once was. Negatron, my friends. It seems I've lost myself in the midst of... myself.

Frankly, things haven't been the same since returning to good ole' Laudy Daudy six years ago. When I think back to my previous life in New York, its hard to remember the last time I slept in my own bed (not what you think, really). Now here I am. I work. I go to class. I study (sometimes). I'll spend a couple of hours on the beach when I'm not schvitzing profusely. Maybe a drink every now and then with a friend. Maybe.

I've realized I lost my spark - my fun-loving, witty, yet charming personality and my desire. My newfound mission: Regain control of me. Find and grab hold of my spark, my fire.

Anyone have a helmet? This may get bumpy.

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